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St Peter's C of E Primary Academy Home/School Agreement

Our Values & Beliefs

We firmly believe that at every individual associated with St Peter’s C of E Primary Academy belongs to our whole school family; this family has the Christian Values of trust, mutual respect and honesty at its core and these form the foundations of everything we do. All who enter our school family have the right to be valued and treated with care and respect.

Our school is committed to quality education and the development of high self-esteem. It is a school where every child achieves more than is ever expected. We recognise and celebrate that each individual is unique and understand that everyone has an important contribution to make to the world in which we live.

At St Peter’s C of E Primary Academy we are dedicated to working in partnership with all pupils, parents, staff, governors and the wider community. We work together to provide an environment that encourages respect, tolerance and consideration of others, whilst helping everyone to build a positive self-image. We promote high expectations, maximum achievement and a lifelong love of learning.

It is our belief that education is most successful when home and school work together as partners. We ask you to share with us a commitment to a quality experience for your child by making them aware of the Home/School Agreement detailed below.

Thank you for your support.