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School Council

Welcome to St Peter's School Councillor's Page!

At St Peter's we have always taken the views of the our children as of paramount importance. Their opinions and ideas underpin our entire philosophy - making learning fun as well as building solid foundations. With that sentiment in mind, each year the children elect their own councillors; one boy and one girl from each of our seven classes.

We meet regularly as a council to discuss new ways of looking at any matters that they feel they could change for the better. This could be anything, for example changing playground equipment to organising charity days.

The councillors are held up as shining examples and are the first point of call if their classmates have an issue to raise.

One of their many jobs is to feedback all discussions to 'bridge' the gap between pupils and the chair of the council (currently Mr Dolphin - Deputy Head Teacher).

School Councillors can be identified by their red jumpers. If you have anything that you wish to raise for our next meeting simply talk to a 'Red Jumper' and they'll be your voice.